8 The biggest secret to dating women better to know

Have you ever wondered why some women go after men who don’t treat them well?

If you think the answer is money and beauty, they have ragas. You don’t have the right answer. The secret is understanding the process of dating women.

There are many handsome men who can’t find a wife, and many who are rich, and are paid by men of their age.

So what is the hidden secret of dating women?

The answer is simple, men know how to reject women. they know how to treat women.

Know that women are very in need of attention or to be cared for. And when you start not giving them the priority they want. You are different from other men.

Do you need to learn how to get women?

I am sharing with you 8 things that if you do, you will be successful in dating women. And to win the heart of any girl you want.

The 8 Secrets of Dating Women

The biggest secret to "dating women"
The biggest secret to dating women

If you have these 8 issues mentioned below. You are a valuable man, who cares about all women.

1. Free privilege

When a girl is looking at her phone. she sends a lot of messages to many men who have no other interests, who are chasing women.

Men give women free priority. This shows the girl that she is precious.

But for a man, he doesn’t give any priority to women. Maybe he will meet a girl and get to know each other, and he will feel a little interest. But he refrains from giving them special privileges.

He treats other women as if they don’t matter.

This issue creates many questions for women. like.

  • Why can’t he chase after me like other men?
  • Why are other men taller?
  • Why didn’t he pay attention to me?

She wonders why this man is taller than other men. After that, she will break her rules, to get that man to give her priority.

Because women can’t accept the fact that this man doesn’t give the same value that they give to other men.

Do not misunderstand the statement. We don’t mean to play with women’s minds. Because it will not have a good result.

The key is to value your time and your personal priorities.

A man always has more important things. To chase women.

2. His purpose in life

These types of men have big goals, which they are determined to achieve.

When you are a man whose desire for success is so great, you don’t have time to chase after a woman. Or a time-wasting relationship.

Instead, they spend their energy on valuable men. How to build a life they will be proud of.

I’m not waiting for luck to come out of nowhere. But they grab the things they want in life.

And women like this type of man a lot. It is a trait that other men who pursue women do not have.

3. Be a decisive man

Luck always seeks the determined person. Men of value, they know that life requires hard decisions, to be taken.

They are not afraid to talk to the girl they want. Fear, shyness and waiting are the characteristics of weak men.

They know what they want from life.

Before you learn how to deny women, you need to be able to stand up to them. Or you know dating women.

4. Learn how to be alone

We all know many men, who make relationships all the time, yet fail in those relationships.

If one fails, he starts another. But you know why they do that. Such men are afraid of being alone. But for a man, he is never afraid of being single. Because he knows, he is a tough guy.

And women with this type of man, their confidence is already lost. They attract and chase after men.

For men like this, the dating women they share with them are valuable. And the rest of KA is ignored.

5. Financial war

If a financial battle comes to you, ignore it and don’t give importance to it. Stop rewarding her bad behavior for your mistake.

Men of value have no time for arguments and arguments. If you see that you are starting a financial dispute with someone. Don’t care at all.

This is a sign that they don’t respect you. Therefore you must deny it.

So you do

  • she opens her eyes.
  • And she will understand that you are a man who cannot be played with.
  • And that her wrong actions can be a hindrance.

Stop or care less, until she admits her wrongdoing. And make a difference.

6. Talk about your purpose

The biggest secret to "dating women"
The biggest secret to “dating women”

You have to be, a man who can always discuss his intentions with the girl. A man of value is an honest man who speaks the truth.

They start by telling the person directly, what they want from them. For men like this, it is better to be rejected, than for a woman to waste their time. And you would play with them.

If a girl tries to play with this guy, he immediately understands and rejects her.

This woman will soon understand that you are a man who cannot be played with. Because this man knows what he wants.

If he feels that this woman will waste his time, he replaces her with another one who will not waste his time.

Most men when they are dating women, or dating. They go into dating women, just a waste of time.

For a man of value, his message is straightforward and clear.

7. Don’t change your plan

Never change your plans because of a woman. Some men are quick to change their plans to meet or talk to a woman.

You should be able to show the girl that you don’t need her talk or her opinion.

8. Change your mindset

Valuable men know their worth when a woman is attracted to them. Or find a girl.

They don’t see that all women are good for that girl. They are calm when they are around a girl.

They do not show any fear or distrust. Even if the most beautiful woman is next to them.

The secret is their mindset and what they have in their mind.

The secret to women’s success

The biggest secret to "dating women"
The biggest secret to “dating women”

These words are a weapon you can use to win the heart of the girl you are interested in. And women love to hear these words.

Research done on women around the world. was found to exist. Words especially loved by women. These words make women feel their worth.

So be smart, use these words when you are with the girl. It strengthens her happiness and confidence.

Don’t chase girls and do this a serious secret

The more you show a girl that you want her, the more she will move away from you.

Too much demand, is one of the things that make you dislike or hate you. It is a bad trait that is common in men, because men show more desire to women. therefore, if you do not control or consider the needs of women, you will end up chasing women, even in a bad and crazy way. dating women.

This kind of chasing causes you to believe that your happiness depends on finding that girl. This kind of interest does not usually succeed.

So, instead of chasing the girl you are interested in, do this, she will chase you.

1- Do pull-ups

Before you run after the girl you like, do some flirting.

If you want to attract the girl you are interested in, you must show her affection and kindness. This does not mean that you show more desire, because if you show more need to the person, he will lose interest in you.

Instead you improve your vitality and physical health. Because when you are busy improving and improving your life. the girl starts to like you and chase you.

Always remember, instead of chasing women, attract them.

2- Increase your confidence

Most of the men who don’t have confidence in themselves, are the ones chasing after women. for the man who does not trust himself believes. If this girl leaves him, he will not find another girl. And that’s why he’s chasing that girl. dating women.

If you feel stress in your relationship, like the girl you like has lost interest in you, or she doesn’t want to talk to you. Try to be a strong and confident man. Because some women do not contact you for days. To test whether you are a tough guy or not.

Try not to fall for that temptation. Never chase after women, because they will see you as a weak man.

3- Don’t waste your time on a girl who doesn’t want you

The biggest secret to "dating women"
The biggest secret to “dating women”

The mistakes that some men make, one of them is chasing after a woman who rejects and does not want her. Also, some men may do things that hurt their honor and value. to satisfy only, unwilling girl. So avoid making that mistake, because you will lose your respect.

If the girl rejects you, she doesn’t want you, so don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t want you. Leave, you will find someone else who wants you and you understand each other.

You have the opportunity to choose a good girl, and feel happy around her. Instead of chasing after a girl who doesn’t want you. dating women.

And you know that not everyone will miss you and love you. and it is normal. You did not come into this world to date and please every girl.

Find a girl who knows your worth, and give her a chance.

4- Give the girl time to miss you

Love and passion are sometimes fostered by being apart.

You know, when two people are apart, they think about each other. and that increases the interest and passion between the two of you.

A man with attraction does not chase after women, he is busy improving his life.

Women are very interested in a man who is not always available. And you know, when you are not available all the time, the more love and interest that girl has for you. dating women.

So, try to use these tactics instead of chasing women. And you know, chasing men is more beautiful than chasing women.

6 words to help you win over women.

  • I like your way of thinking.
  • I love listening to you talk.
  • That’s how I like you.
  • It would be better if I got to know you earlier.
  • Even if you weigh 200kg, I will love you.
  • Even if you are 80 years old, I will love you.


All these points, are the secrets of dating women and winning their hearts. The important thing is that you know how to use it. And when to use.

Women love it, the boy they talk to is a valuable man. And women recognize the valuable man. A man who has the qualities we mentioned above.

Try to make her feel valued around you. If she’s mad, show her that you can handle it. dating women.

For this type of action, it will make you feel. You are a valuable and unattainable man.

At first it will be difficult for you to stop chasing the girl you love. but if you become a strong person who can be true to his promise. you can learn these strategies that we mentioned above. dating women.

Girls are more interested in strong men than soft ones, and some girls may use tricks to find out what kind of men you are. and you must succeed in that test, using these strategies that we have mentioned to you. And never run after women. dating women.

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